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AS need a geometry lesson

Can’t resist this one.

Villarreal CF v Real Madrid CF - La Liga Photo by Fotopress/Getty Images

Spanish sports daily AS, definitely the paper for Madridistas, leads today with a photo purporting to show Bakambu offside as he prepares to receive the pass from Bruno for our second goal. (This ties into Madrid’s accusations yesterday that the Spanish TV broadcasts haven’t been ‘fair to Madrid’, since they broadcast showed a line that indicated Bakambu was being played JUST onside by Sergio Ramos’s hand).

I thank AS for this, because I erroneously thought Bakambu was offside. But now I know he wasn’t, because if you have to doctor the evidence this much to show it, he couldn’t possibly have been. A good goal for Villarreal.

The line on the left is drawn perpendicular to the sideline. you can tell that because it follows the mowing pattern on the playing surface. The one on the right should be parallel to it. Not even close.....