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Copa del Rey Draw: We face Leganés

Maria José Segovia

After losing to Leganés 3-1 on Sunday, Villarreal learned to day they’ll be facing the blue and white side again, this time over two legs in the Copa del Rey octafinals.

The first leg will be in Madrid, the second in Vila-real. Overall, it’s a reasonably good draw; the top four have all been kept apart in this round. The draw in full:

Formentera-Deportivo Alavés

Lleida Esportiu-Atletico Madrid

CD Numancia-Real Madrid

Celta Vigo-Barcelona



Las Palmas-Valencia


January 3 and January 10 are the assigned match dates, though this being the Copa, they could move around a bit depending on other competitions or whether Barcelona or Real Madrid feel like getting out of bed that morning :)