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Cantera grogueta roundup 2

It’s been a while since we didn’t look the standings

Last time we saw the two Cantera’s team, Calleja was appointed new manager for Villarreal A team. In that time we’ve had two managers for the team: Igor Taševski, you may remember him as a Serbian defender in the first Primera season for Vila, who coached the first game post-Calleja as an interim, and Miguel Álvarez who is the current coach. Taševski remains his assitant coach.

The record for this October, November and so far December is 4 wins, 7 ties and 1 loss. After the tie in the Taševski game against Ebro (2-2), they got a 2-win streak against Hércules (2-1) and Formentera (3-2) before losing against Mallorca (1-0) and starting 6-game tying streak. Notably as 5 of that 6 games were a 0-0. Currently, they are at a 2-wins streak after winning 2-0 Deportivo Aragón and 1-2 Peralada. One of the ties was against Valencia Mestalla in Villarreal that ended 2-2 with Chuca scored twice to neutralize the 0-2 lead of Mestalla.

Chuca is the top scorer for Vila B with 5 goals, Dalmau would be the second with 4. While Chuca doesn’t score since September 29, he has been 4 times with Villarreal A. Dalmau has been more in the team scoring last time this last week in the win against Peralada. Imanol García is the player with more matches played, only missing the one against Sabadell in November 18. Second one with more matches is Darío Poveda having played 16, one less than Imanol, and not missing a game since September, but he has only been in the starting line-up 6 times, playing the complete match against Formentera. If we talk minutes played, Imanol has been playing almost all minutes as he has been in the starting all 17 games he played and only being sub off twice, therefore his total minutes are 1453. Next game is against Peña Deportiva in the Ciudad Deportiva Villarreal on December 17 at 12:00 local time.

While Villarreal B has been continuing their good trend, Villarreal C managed to improve from last roundup as they were in a relegation spot, but now they are in the comfortably middle. 8 points above relegation, 10 points short of promotion spots.

Since then they have had 13 matches with a record of 5 wins, 5 ties and 3 losses scoring 20 goals and receiving 19. They only had a two-win game streak (2-1 against Paiporta and 1-2 against Silla) and a two-tie game streak, managed to get it twice. They are currently on a one-game win streak. Roda, closely associated team, has had some bad month with 4 wins, 3 ties and 6 losses, their biggest streak a 3-game loss.

Dani Villanueva is the top scorer for Villarreal C with 9 goals. Next matches to be played are Villarreal C visiting Paterna to play there December 17 at 12:00 local time while Roda will travel to Buñol for the game on December 16 at 17:00 local time.