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Leo Suarez suffers knee injury; Levante gets Enes Unal on emergency loan

Bad news for Leo—ACL injury.

We agree to help out our Valencian buddies....

Leo Suarez was injured just before halftime of the Villarreal B-Valencia B match yesterday. I didn’t see the play, but a lot of folks thought the Valencia player should have been sent off (he wasn’t). It’s been confirmed Leo has an ACL injury, so it sounds as though he may be out for the rest of the season.

Leo (#10) is tackled hard around the 1:50 mark of this, he keeps playing but has to leave shortly afterward.

Meanwhile Cadena SER is reporting Villarreal have agreed to loan Enes Unal to Levante for the next two months, with a possibility of extending the deal through June. Unal hasn’t adapted very quickly to Spanish football, and isn’t being helped by the limited playing time he’s seeing. Levante got permission to add a player outside the transfer window from the league authorities due to Nano Mesa and Roger Marti’s injuries.