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Alfonso Pedraza is heading to Leeds United

And all Villarreal fans will be hoping the Whites don’t get promoted!!

Alfonso Pedraza in action for Villarreal B
Maria José Segovia

Alfonso Pedraza is on the move, heading to England and Leeds United, currently lying fourth in the English Championship. Pedraza has scored six goals and assisted on eight for Lugo.

The deal is Villarreal paid Lugo €300,000 to break his loan deal (this penalty was provided for in the contract). Now he heads to Leeds. If they win promotion to the EPL, then Leeds has to pay us €10 million for Pedraza. if they don’t win promotion, he heads back to Villarreal.

I’m not a fan of possibly letting this guy go—he could be a great player for us. So I am hoping he does well but Leeds don’t make it to the Premier League.