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Eric Bailly in the news

Sure, he's gone to Manchester United now, but this long article from the Daily Mail is well worth reading.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Eric Bailly may be gone from Villarreal, but he's getting plenty of press in England now that he is with Manchester United.  There's a very long article in the Daily Mail today that is well worth reading--explains how he was scouted by the company Promoesport, made it through the trials and eventually they were able to obtain his rights.  Interestingly, Juventus were the club that really wanted to sign him through Promoesport, but they had limited spaces for non-EU nationals.  Espanyol signed him but then he had two wait two years to actually play because of all the bureaucratic issues....

Anyway, it's very interesting.  Also interesting is another article that crossed my desk (so to speak)--an organization called CIES Football Observatory has used an algorithm to calculate the 'estimated real worth' of players signed in the summer transfer window.  And they claim Bailly was the most overpriced player signed by an EPL club, with an estimated value of €15m, not €38m!!

Given that Bailly has been man of the match for Man Utd a couple of times already, he's become a quick fan favorite, I think that algorithm might need some revision!!

Endavant Villarreal.