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Villarreal losing patience with Musacchio?

Today’s EPM contained an article from their senior writer about things Villarreal, Sr. Lizarraga, entitled “Musacchio’s head is not with Villarreal”. It began apologetically but essentially criticized Musacchio for his attitude this preseason.

According to Sr. Lizarraga, the reason Musacchio has not trained all season with the team has been that the player requested it—remember he already agreed personal terms with AC Milan weeks ago. But as Sr. Lizarraga noted, it would have been more ‘normal’ for Mateo to train with the club, helping to prepare for the Champions League qualifiers. It happens all the time that deals get discussed, take a while to negotiate, may not happen. Sr. Roig is not going to sell if the offer is not good.

Of course, the circumstances surrounding Milan’s failure to come up with cash has exacerbated the problem, but at this point I have to think Sr. Lizarraga’s column was published with the approval of the club, which feels at this point if Milan can’t close the deal, Musacchio should practice with the club and get ready for the CL Qualifiers.