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Musacchio and N'Diaye updates

Ndiaye deal is done, not sure why it hasn't been officially announced yet; Musacchio deal is still being negotiated, apparently

Mateo in 2011 against Valencia and Juan Mata
Mateo in 2011 against Valencia and Juan Mata
Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

Musacchio first: there continue to be all sorts of rumors but Marca say the player and Milan have an accord, Galliani (Milan's CFO) is coming to Spain to negotiate with the Submarine.  Milan's first offer, for €20m, was rebuffed; so whether Milan has decided to throw a player (Suso) into the deal, or is increasing the monetary bid, isn't certain.  On the other hand, there are also reports out there saying Milan have decided to go for Shkodran Mustafi instead.  Since he plays for Valencia, simply spotting Sr. Galliani at the Valencia airport isn't going to tell us which rumor is true!

Everyone (Sevilla news outlets, EPM newspaper in Vila-real) is reporting the transfer of Alfred N'Diaye from Betis to Villarreal is done, though it hasn't been officially announced on our end.  We have paid €7.5m for the 26 year-old Senegalese international, though it could rise to €9m with various 'incentives'.   He can play at center back as well as central midfield.