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Pina on his way out, N'Diaye on his way in--that's the plan

Villarreal expects to close two deals in the next day or so.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

The prolonged pursuit of Alfred N'Diaye seems likely to conclude in the next day or so, as it's being reported Villarreal already have agreed to personal terms with N'Diaye and all that remains is to agree with Betis on the transfer fee.  Since the Submarine have offered €7m, Betis want 9, probably we agree at 8.

€3 million of that will come from the sale of Tomas Pina to Club Brugge, which is also supposed to happen very soon.

N'Diaye can play at center back, and that seems to be part of the motivation here, but opinion among Villarreal fans is divided as to whether this is a good deal or not.

So here's where we are so far, assuming these deals are concluded:

IN:  Cheryshev (7m), N'Diaye (8m)

OUT: Bailly (38m), Pina (3m), Denis Suarez (3.5m), Samuel Garcia (5m).

Loans over Baptistao and Adrian; Bonera and Rukavina have new contracts.

Names still rumored: Diego Llorente (but Zidane has apparently shot that down), Camacho (but N'Diaye deal probably scuppers that), Cristian Espinosa, Daniel Caligurli, Jose Angel....

So far we've been rather more successful at moving players out than bringing them in.  Expect a busy week ahead, especially as players are reporting for medical evaluations and the like within the week.