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Santi Cazorla! On tour with Arsenal in the USA

Ravi and Sarah with a Villarreal legend
Ravi Ramineni

Ex-Villarreal star and legend Santi Cazorla is on tour with Arsenal in the USA, though he is not playing in tonight’s Arsenal-MLS All-Stars’ match as he recovers from his Achilles injury.

Villarreal USA members Ravi and Sarah caught up with Santi after practice and reported his love for Villarreal is still evident....they suggested he get his son Enzo into the Villarreal academy and Santi laughed and said “Have them call me!”.

For those of you who have joined the site in the last couple of years and aren’t aware, Ravi currently works for the Seattle Sounders but has contributed to our site for a number of years, Sarah works for a company (owned by Arsenal in part, I think?) that analyzes soccer data in very complicated ways.

They met through Villarreal and my wife and I were privileged enough to be at their Villarreal-themed wedding earlier this year. How Villarreal-themed, you ask? Take a look at this cake....that’s the love of their life, Cooper, wearing a Villarreal crown. (They were both delighted when they discovered Cooper is the name of Sergio Asenjo’s dog, too).

It was a good cake, too.
Alisa Dodson