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Villarreal USA scarves are here!

Be the first on your your have one!

Attention everyone, our (first) shipment of Villarreal USA scarves has arrived! These are high-quality scarves, have both our original and current logos on the front with an attractive yellow (of course) and blue, with a bit of red, and “Villarreal USA/Submariners Across the Waves” as you can see in the picture.

The back is blue with a yellow “Living In A Yellow Submarine” and looks really nice as well.

here’s the reverse side
Alisa Dodson

Ordering: The cost is $18 including postage in the USA, $22 including postage elsewhere. Please pay by PayPal if you are outside the USA (send the payment to; if you are inside the US, PayPal is still probably easiest but a check is fine. Make sure you put your address on the paypal form so I find out what it is and can send you the scarf!

Any questions, comments, whatever, let us know!