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Forest fire raging above Vila-real; no danger for El Madrigal

Smoke cloud from Benicassim
Smoke cloud from Benicassim
Toni Alegre twitter

It’s not just California that has fire danger....the Valencian Community does too, with hot, dry summers and an abundance of brush and fuel on the hillsides above the coastal plain.

A fire has started in the forest near Artana (Bruno Soriano’s home town) and is raining ash on Vila-real. Here is a video shot from Betxi:

Lots of smoke, and apparently a lot of helicopters flying to try to dump retardant and put it out.  I assume training has gone ahead as scheduled at the Sports City--the town of Vila-real is in no danger, there are two large motorways between the town and the fire, which is 5-6 miles away--but as the air quality continues to deteriorate, maybe Villarreal training sessions will be held indoors.  This is a photo from the town of Onda, the outer reaches of which are now being evacuated as a result of the inferno (thanks to twitter user Antonio Rivera for this photo)

Here is a google map to orient you; the fire is burning in the forested land north of Artana and south of Onda.