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José Ángel and Andrés Fernandez join Villarreal from Porto

Both on loan with options to buy.

Villarreal CF twitter

Villarreal have picked up a couple of players to bolster their depth; Andrés Fernandez arrives to join Barbosa and Asenjo in goal, José Ángel will give another option besides Jaume Costa and Rukavina at left back.

Ángel is one of those players whose career could use a little rebooting, and maybe Marcelino work some magic.  He came up in the Sporting Gijon system, and had a couple of successful seasons there, splitting time with Roberto Canella.  He was supposedly going to be sold to Barcelona but the deal fell through; instead, Roma bought him for €4.5m in 2011.

He spent one season in Rome, then was loaned out to Real Sociedad for two years, then went to Porto on a free transfer, where he played little.  So, not exactly a sparkling resumé the last couple of seasons.

Is it a good deal for Villarreal?  Probably, since there's little risk.  I don't know what his salary is, but presumably not a lot.

Adrián Marín is the left back of the future for Villarreal, but he needs more playing time--hence the loan (with no purchase option) to Leganes, where he should be a regular starter this season.  Unless Ángel really impresses, he'll probably be returned to Porto at the end of the season (he is under contract to 2018).

Andrés Fernandez is another interesting story.  He was almost sold to Villarreal back in 2013 after having an incredible season with Osasuna (some said he was the best keeper in Spain that season) but the Osasuna president nixed the deal and Villarreal went for Sergio Asenjo instead.

Fernandez was sold to Porto for €1.6m a year later, after Andres had a poor season and Osasuna were relegated.  He played exactly one game with Porto before being loaned to Granada last season, where he was a regular starter.

So again, a player with something to prove, his salary is probably comparable to Areola's.  Good to have a backup in case of injury, and a player who can push Barbosa for second spot behind Asenjo.  This one is also a loan with purchase option, he is also under contract to Porto until 2018.