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New rumors: Benfica's Jardel, Sassuolo's Sansone

Two more rumors to throw in to the mix.

Nicola Sansone in action for Sassuolo
Nicola Sansone in action for Sassuolo
Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Jardel: Benfica center back, 30 years old.  Brazilian-born, but has played in Portugal for long enough he can qualify as a European player soon.

Why it makes sense: he's a living, breathing, walking center back.  Why wouldn't it make sense?  Seriously, he's played at the top level with Benfica.  He's a big guy (almost 6' 4").

Why it doesn't: Price and complexity.  According to this article, Benfica only own 50% of his rights so even if they sold for €10-12m, a Brazilian company would get half.  Still, Benfica hardly paid anything for him, so maybe that would be okay.

Conclusion: Interesting idea, but given we haven't done many deals with Portuguese sides, not very likely.

Nicola Sassone: Sassuolo winger/striker, 24 years old.  Under contract only until 2017, so his current employers might be willing to move him now.

Why it makes sense: A lot of reasons: he'd get European football with us for sure, his wage demands probably would not be that bad.  And he's probably not going to progress much farther with Sassuolo; he could use a new challenge.  Also, he's out of contract in 2017, so it's time for Sassuolo to cash in.

Why it doesn't:  Just that we haven't signed much of anyone and his favored position is on the left wing, where we have Cheryshev.

Conclusion:   Sassuolo played in the Trofea Ceramica a couple of years back so the front offices do know each other a bit, at least.  Italian sources say a deal could be concluded quickly in the €10-12m range.  I can see this one happening unless the player doesn't want to leave Serie A or something.