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Italian press reports Musacchio tells Milan to buy now or forget about it

Various reports in the Italian papers that Musacchio has said "sign me now, or forget about it".

Mateo Musacchio has allegedly (presumably, through his agent) given AC Milan an ultimatum: either sign me now, or forget about it.  It's been several weeks now since Milan were supposedly bought by a Chinese investor group (at least, that's when it was announced by Berlusconi, and he's never lied about anything, right?), but the promised cash in fusion hasn't happened.

Milan tried to flog Carlos Bacca to West Ham for €35m, but Bacca said no.  Meanwhile, Musacchio and Milan supposedly agreed on personal terms a week ago or more.  However, Milan hasn't been willing to (a) meet Villarreal's €30m price, or (b) demonstrate they have any money to pay for the transfer.

So now Musacchio is saying the obvious--he's been held out of training for a couple of days on the assumption a deal was near, but at some point, he's got to get back to training and playing with the club.  This has to be the Villarreal front office opinion too--we can't wait forever for Milan to finalize the deal and then find ourselves a centerback short in two weeks' time.

As for the alleged interest from EPL clubs and Roma?  Not too likely, but if it encourages Milan to put up or shut up, so much the better.