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Come day, go day, Villarreal will sign someone....someday....

Villarreal's interest appears to be focused on a few key names, but there's little new news at this point.

N'Diaye, the player we've signed so far who is actually available for the CL
N'Diaye, the player we've signed so far who is actually available for the CL
Maria Jose Segovia

I hope the fellow who keeps posting on twitter that's he is on a hunger strike until Villarreal signs someone is only kidding, because another day has passed without anything actually happening.

In fairness, remember Roberto Soldado was signed August 14 last year and Cedric Bakambu August 19.   But, given we have a Champions League qualifier beginning August 16....

A quick recap:


Mateo Musacchio: Villarreal seem to have agreed to keep him out of training pending a deal, but Milan's Galliani didn't exactly impress by showing up without any money.  The takeover of Milan seems to be taking longer than anticipated and/or the sale of Carlos Bacca seems to be taking too long as well.  Villarreal want at least €30m; Milan want to pay €25m.

Other than that, Javier Espinosa has now left, so Pantic, Jokic and Sergio Marcos are the players still around who likely have a future away from Villarreal.


Juan Mata: Fun to think about, but not necessarily a signing that makes the most sense.  He did play in Man United's first preseason match.  Everton supposedly want to buy him, Villarreal and Valencia have both expressed an interest in a loan with purchase option, but while this was much discussed a few days ago, it's quieted down the last day or two.

Marcos Rojo:  Manchester United, again! Villarreal's interest has been discussed a lot in the last day or two; again, hard to know what to make if it, but we do need a CB--at least one--even if Musacchio stays.

Daniele Rugani: He has been included in the squad for Juventus's tour of Australia--well, Melbourne, anyway.  He's been linked with a loan move without an option, but so far, no real news.

A reminder that at the moment we are at least a striker short.  We apparently want Adrián López back, and have offered €5m to Porto, but the silence is deafening.   We are interested in Monaco striker Valère Germain (on loan to Nice last season) but, again, the silence is deafening.

You would think the attraction of Champions League football and La Liga would interest players, and maybe there is something going on behind the scenes we don't know about.  But, like one of our commenters on here pointed out, it would be much nicer to be discussing an actual signing than just rumors!