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Juan Mata to Villarreal?

Spanish papers reporting our interest.

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Javi Mata is not going to remain with Manchester United, it appears, Mourinho not that interested in keeping him (he sold him once already, when he was at Chelsea).

Spanish paper Sport says although ManU would like to sell him and recoup some or all of their €45m investment--Everton being the most likely place for him to land--Valencia and Villarreal have both made approaches.  Valencia's interest seems to have cooled, while Villarreal wants him on loan with a purchase option.

Does this rumor make sense?  Sure.  He would be a big-name player for us, he'd be back in Spain.  Not sure exactly how he would fit into our 4-4-2, though.  Probably not on the wing--he's no speedier than Jona dos Santos, and he doesn't offer much in the way of defense.   I can see him maybe in the doble pivote, though, beside Bruno.  And a loan with purchase option would make sense--if Villarreal gets into the Champions League group stage, that money plus the profits from sales this summer could be earmarked for him of all goes well.  And if not, we basically just lose a salary for a year.

Will it happen?  Unlikely, unless there's no one willing to step in and buy him outright.  And Mata would have to be willing to take a sizeable salary cut---though, in an interview earlier this year, he did refer to his salary as "obscene" , and professed a dislike of the "business of football", so I could see him enjoying being in Villarreal, away from the EPL and its business model.  Besides, we know we'd be able to follow his thoughts and reactions through his blog, which would be a plus!

Of course, there are also rumors out there that he will be included in the mega-millions deal between Manchester United and Juventus for Paul Pogba.  So I'd say the chances of Villarreal landing him on a loan deal are probably quite slim.  Still, it's something to get excited about, at least a little bit.....