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Villarreal bringing in Ukrainian striker, Bailly talks proceeding

That's the news roundup today.

Karpaty Lviv twitter

It's being reported that Villarreal have indeed reached a deal with Karpaty Lviv for young Ukrainian striker Oleksiy Gutsulyak, who was identified as a Villarreal target last week.  He's only 18 and will surely be heading to Villarreal B; word is we have agreed to a loan fee of €200,000 and we can then pay €1.5m next summer and have him permanently.  This seems to be a pretty good plan. He's had some success at international youth level but I can't really say much more than that!

The Eric Bailly deal involves alittle more money, of course, and continues to be the main focus of attention.  The Daily Mail quotes Sr. Roig as saying ‘There is a team that is very interested and if the three parties agree there will be no problems.

‘If the player wants to leave and Manchester are interested and pay, we will reach an agreement.’

Well, that seems fairly obvious, doesn't it?  The main sticking point or negotiating point seems to be how much money Villarreal will get when, and how much of it is guaranteed vs. dependent on variables.  But it doesn't sound as though there are any major sticking points.
Some idiot has posted a video of Eric getting dummied by Fernando Torres in one of Eric's first matches for us, but a more thoughtful and reasoned assessment of Eric's abilities comes from Squawka, who compare him favorably with other young defenders in Europe like Gimenez and John Stones.   I don't think the collapse at Anfield was due solely to his absence, but no question we would have liked to have had him available for that game.

In case you are wondering, Villarreal won't get ALL the money from a transfer; Espanyol get some, the players agent gets some,etc.  Basically if we sell him for €40m, we scoop something over €30m.

Even the €30m net to Villarreal would be our largest sale ever.  To compare apples to apples, since all transfer fees include something for the agents and such, I'll take out Espanyol's share so make the Bailly price €36.5m.  Our next biggest?  Santi Cazorla and Diego Forlan (€23m), Luciano Vietto, €22m.
And then, three centerbacks: Gabriel, 20; Martin Caceres, 16; Diego Godin, 12.  Godin's fee is especially interesting since Villarreal wanted to move him for discipline reasons; apparently there is a clause in his contract that would give Villarreal part of the money from a further sale, but we're not going to collect very much on that since he is so happy at Atleti!

Finally, for once Villarreal makes MARCA's front page--worth a look as yesterday our youth programs won two trophies.