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New details on TV money in La Liga

AS today published the 2015-16 season breakdown and its 2016-17 projections, which are better for Villarreal than others published last week.

Gotta get those support numbers up.....
Gotta get those support numbers up.....
siempre riquelme

Javier Tebas is in Vila-real for the "La Liga Promises" tournament, a youth competition which began yesterday with an all-star match at our new Sports City complex (the Pamesa one used by CD Roda, not the one where the mini Estadi is and the B team play).

AS interviewed him and also published the results for the TV distribution in 2015-16 (this includes everything, even the miniscule moneys from the Copa del Rey) and also published projections for 2016-2017.

The link to last year's total is here.  They show Villarreal as having received €41.7million in TV moneys; this is in line with earlier estimates.  By way of comparison, Valencia and Sevilla each received €53.8m; Athletic Club €47.9m; Malaga and Real Sociedad around €39m.

Projected 2016-17 numbers are Athletic Club €71m, Valencia €69m, Sevilla €66m, Villarreal €62m, Malaga €56.3m, Real Sociedad €55.6m.  Even the bottom club, Eibar, gets what Villarreal got last year, so as you can see the "rising tide is lifting all boats".

These numbers are a little different than those published earlier but are probably more accurate, though the methodology used to calculate them is not given.   One interesting point is that in 2015-16 we ranked sixth, just ahead of Athletic Club, in the "sporting results" category, but only 11th in the "implantation social"--that category that takes into account fan support, attendance, season ticket sales, etc.

That last doesn't matter too much, because this is basically the catch-all used to make sure Barcelona and Real Madrid don't lose money under the new deal compared to the old one (though you'll notice in 2015-16, they still had to adjust everyone else down to get Madrid and Barca to the €140m figure that they required to agree to the deal).   It appears that in 2016-17 that adjustment isn't necessary.

The big winner is Atleti, who go from €69m in 2015-16 to €100m in 2016-17.

Let's not cry for Barcelona; their new kit deal brings in €100m or more every year.  This is an area where the big two still dominate--wasn't it amazing to see Sevilla playing IN THE EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL without sponsors on their shirts? Speaking of sponsors, Celta Vigo, who have been sponsored by Citroen (who have a big car plant in Vigo) since forever--well, 1985--annonced this week that deal is ending.  No idea why or who will replace them.

And Javi Mata posted a photo on his twitter feed of a lot of Joma boxes sitting outside one of the buildings at the Villarreal complex, so it appears they will be our new shirt manufacturer (this is in line with what I was told last month):