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Sports Director Antonio Cordón is leaving Villarreal after 17 years

You may not know Señor Cordón's name, but this is a big loss for us, folks.

Cordón with Sr. Roig
Cordón with Sr. Roig
Villarreal CF twitter

Big shock this AM as Antonio Cordón, who has been a major part of Villarreal's success in finding players (especially in Latin America) is leaving the club after 17 years.   The official announcement was quite terse, but apparently he has received an offer from a major club (either PSG or Chelsea is the rumor on twitter and in MARCA).

Cordon joined the club in 1999 and had been sporting director since 2008, serving as chief scout previously.

Interviewed on Radio Vila-real, Cordón said his new destination will be announced later this week but seemed to suggest it would not be in Spain (Barca tried to hire him earlier in the year and Madrid were allegedly interested as well, plus he had been suggested as a substitute for Sevilla's Monchi if he left).

Cordón made clear he has decided to leave because of an offer he could not refuse, and has found it hard to say goodbye; he also said his departure should not affect the progress of signings this summer because the players have been identified, arrangements are in process and all is on track.

Hopefully that is all true.  I should note that prior to his appearance on the radio there were the usual conspiracy theorists on twitter intimating Marcelino was somehow responsible, there were stories we didn't know about, etc. but those were quickly rubbished by people in Spain listening to the interview.

Villarreal USA member Ravi met Cordón at one of the Sloan Sports Conferences, and noted today how Cordon was always surrounded by people from other clubs, and is considered a "world crack" among sporting directors (that means really good, folks).  We wish Sr. Cordón the best, and we hate to see him go.