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Contract extensions for Rukavina and Bonera

2 years in the case of Ruka, one for the Italian.

Bonera and Rukavina, contract renewals.
Bonera and Rukavina, contract renewals.
Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Villarreal have agreed to contract extensions with 32 year-old Serbian international Antonio Rukavina, and ex-Italian international Daniele Bonera (now 35).

In the case of Ruka, it's for two years; for Bonera, one.  Rukavina is a useful guy to have around, even though he hasn't impressed as much with Villarreal as he did with Valladolid from 2012-14.  He can play both on the left and the right, and even featured in defensive midfield a couple of times.  He had a couple of assists from the right wing.  Ruka is a player who positions himself well and doesn't get caught in rash tackles often (he picked up five yellows in 18 appearances, but seems to me most of them were for professional fouls or the like).

Bonera's renewal is a bit more of a surprise, given his age, his relative lack of playing time last year, and his up-and-down performance.  In his first Europa League match he was pretty poor, but had some better performances later on.  It's hard to see him as anything other than a fourth center back, but I have to think he must be a good locker-room guy and provides some nice experience.

So, so far the net changes from last year's first team are Cheryshev IN, Samu G and Bailly OUT, Bonera and Ruka renewed.  (plus Adrian, Baptistao, and Areola loans over)