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Bruno can only watch as Spain crash out of Euros

Villarreal interest in the tournament is over, as Bruno hardly sees any action in Euro 2016.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Naming Bruno Soriano to the Spain squad for Euro 2016 was great, but it would have been better if Vicente del Bosque had actually gone with the Busquets-Bruno doble pivote that was being discussed before the matches started. Spain crashed out 2-0 today to Italy in a match where Spain's midfield could not control Italian counterattacks.

It was, officially, the end of an era for Spain, or perhaps it was just prolonging the end from the 2014 World Cup.  Whatever, it's clear that teams have figured out how to play Spain and their ball-control approach.  As Michael Cox points out in this excellent article, it's no surprise (and for those of us who have watched Marcelino's Villarreal, it's easy to see how our changed style of play fits into this tactical evolution).

At least we were spared the embarassment of watching Diego Costa's antics in a Spain jersey, though then again the fried egg and tomato sauce-appearing motif of the away jerseys was embarrassing enough.

So now the RFEF will replace Vicente del Bosque; Unai Emery has just signed at PSG so don't look for him.  Hopefully not Marcelino, but you never know.  That would really throw Villarreal into turmoil as we get ready for the CL playoff round, wouldn't it?