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Mateo Musacchio named in Argentina preliminary squad for the 2016 Olympic games in Rio

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Despite the fact that Villarreal announced earlier in the month that they will not be releasing Mateo Musacchio for the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeirothe Argentina Olympic football team has decided to include Musacchio in the 35 men preliminary list.

Either the AFA (Argentine Football Association) did not get the club's memo or Fernando Roig Negueroles was not clear enough with AFA that Musacchio is not going to the Olympics. We think it is more likely because of the former.

It is not a secret that Musacchio has shown his joy to play the Olympics with Argentina before, and who can really blame the guy?. He missed last year's Copa América after that horrific leg injury that sidelined him for 5 months.

As it stands today, Villarreal have only 3 confirmed central defenders to confront the upcoming season. Musacchio, Ruiz, and Bonera who just renewed his contract with the club. It is understood that the club has been in talks to sign Diego Llorente on loan from Real Madrid in the past two weeks, although the negotiations have not come to a successful resolution just yet.

Villarreal cannot afford to not count with the presence of Musacchio for the playoff round for the Champions League that is a almost a mere month away from taking place.