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Leganés seek alliance with Villarreal as a way to acquire players on loan

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Freshly promoted Madrilean outfit Legánes are coveting an accordance with Villarreal as a way to facilitate an agreement for some of the Villarreal players they're interested in according to Diario AS.

It is always difficult for promoted teams to find quality players as their budget tends to be scarcely low since said teams are coming from a tier below the top flight.

Leganés recent success was paved in part by their "partnership" with clubs like Athletic Bilbao and Juventus, whom facilitated an agreement to loan Leganés some of their players. As a result of said agreement, Bilbao loaned Leganés 3 of their players (Unai Bustinza, Iñigo Ruiz, Guillermo Fernández), all of whom turned out to be key pieces for Leganés to achieve promotion.

Both teams met during last Friday to discuss the possibilities of the agreement. The reunion was partially successful as both teams seemed to agreed to each other terms as Diario AS claims. Among the players that Leganés is hoping to land are: Alfonso Pedraza, Rodri, Adrián Marín, and Leo Suárez.

In case it materializes, it could prove a productive alliance for both Villarreal and Leganés. On one side Villarrel is looking to send some of the younger players on loan so that they can achieve their potential. And on the other side, Leganés could really do a good use of this alliance as they currently do not posses an budget enough to acquire quality signings.