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Aitor Fernández leaves Villarreal B after a 3 year spell

Villarreal B captain and starting goalkeeper Aitor Fernández has announced on his personal Twitter account that he will not be continuing with the club after spending three years with the B team.

After the B team's misfortune of not being able to advance in the promotion playoffs to the Liga Adelante, it seems that a exodus of the players is gonna occur in the upcoming weeks. Fran Sol was the first player that has left the club to seek a new challenge elsewhere, and now, Villarreal B captain and undisputed GK Aitor Fernández has also has communicated his departure from the club as he announced it on his Twitter account.

After three years and half, I bid farewell to the great family that is Villarreal CF. I want to thank all for the treatment you gave me and I wish you many successes. Thank you.

Aitor arrived from Barakaldo FC in 2013 after having completed his formation with Athletic Bilbao in the past. Aitor never managed to make his debut with the first team of Villarreal, but he was one of the most consistent players of the B team, and managed to earn captaincy for his leadership.

It is expected that Ander Cantero succeeds Aitor as #1 GK for the B team next season.

Aitor and Fran Sol were two of Villarreal B's pillars this season. At this point, the club must be prepared for the exit of other players from the B team.

We want to wish Aitor the best of luck after his three years of service for the B team.