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Barcelona's sport director talks about their intentions to bring Denis Suárez back

Barça's sports director Robert Fernández has confirmed at today's press conference that Barcelona are determined to bring Denis Suárez back and that Villarreal knows about it.

We are sad ourselves, Denis
We are sad ourselves, Denis
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

It is perhaps the worst kept secret in the world that Denis Suárez will be making a return to the Camp Nou this summer.

Today, Barcelona held a press conference in which their sports director Robert  Fernández spoke to the media, addressing some of the transfer rumors that surround the club such as the imminent arrival of Denis Suárez.

Fernández assures of Barça's interest to bring back Denis, presumably once the transfer windows opens in July, and that he has notified Villarreal, and the Yellow Submarine is very much aware that Denis will be joining Barcelona.

At this point, it seems rather impossible for Villarreal to retain Denis Suárez. The buyback option gives Barça leverage, and even Denis has spoken in the past weeks that Barcelona are the best club in the world and he would be honored to play for them.

Having said that, Villarreal will obviously have to look for a replacement in the transfer window. The club's priority is to bring the other Denis back, Denis Cheryshev, and the Russian winger himself has expressed interest in returning to El Madrigal, but there are several factors that impede his return to Vila-Real.

We hope that the Denis Suárez transfer saga is over as soon as possible, so that Villarreal can focus on getting some signings done before preseason since the club will be playing the playoff round for the Champions League in early August.