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Cheryshev coming to Villarreal, Diego Llorente likely to follow

According to this morning's EPM, just 'little details' remain before the deals are done.

David Ramos/Getty Images

No secret that Villarreal wanted Denis Cheryshev, and Cheryshev wanted Villarreal.  And so, Real Madrid and the Submarine should wrap up Chery's signing in the next day or two.  EPM reports Villarreal will pay €7m for Denis; unlike earlier reports, that will be for 100% of his rights, though there will be some sort of sell-on clause so Madrid would get a portion of the proceeds.

Cheryshev will sign a five-year contract with the Submarine.  He won't be available for our CL playoff round though, as he's still recovering from injury.

EPM also says a loan deal for Diego Llorente will be concluded shortly as well.  Again, the player is interested in coming here, and Madrid are OK with it, so little details appear to be all that need to be finished off.

By the way, I accidentally stumbled on a website that gives more details of our past financial results than I've seen before.  I will write more about this later, but at least in 2014-15, we had about €9m of commercial revenues and €3.3m from ticket sales, €7.2m from 'competition revenue' (that would be the Europa League, I suppose).  More on that topic later.