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Villarreal season ticket campaign announced for 2016-17

Yet again, Villarreal offers incredibly great ticket prices, including group stages in Europe and Copa del Rey matches in addition to La Liga.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Villarreal held its kickoff presentation for the 2016-17 season ticket campaign today.  This year's theme is "Ser del Villarreal, mola" (Being a Villarreal fan is cool).

There was a humorous moment early on when Sr. Roig said in his welcome he wasn't going to talk about signings but we were working on them, or some such innocuous statement, and a wag in the crowd shouted out "Ibrahimovic!"  Probably not too likely.

As for the season tickets, prices have mostly stayed the same--some small increases in the cheaper areas of the stadium--but if you are a gold or silver "Very Yellow Person" (gold meaning you missed 3 matches or fewer of the 24 that counted, silver being 4 to 6 missed) the price won't change.

Last year Villarreal's attendance increased by over 2000 per match and the hope it is will continue to do so.  Apart from the kickoff of the season ticket campaign, Villarreal also announced a new official app for mobiles and tablets, which you can download.

There was also special recognition for the youth team that just won the La Liga Promises trophy, a salute to all the work the club does with the surrounding community. and at the end a band played the Champions League music, Villarreal official song, etc.--the official site report is here.