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Villarreal eyeing Real Zaragoza midfielder Sergio Gil

Last week, Villarreal USA brought you the newness on Gutsulyak transfer from Karpaty Lviv. This time we bring you the latest rumor.

Looks like you might be giving in this time!
Looks like you might be giving in this time!
Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Villarreal have been linked with Sergio Gil from Real Zaragoza, who'll become a free agent at the end of the month. However, Real Zaragoza are not too happy about losing Gil on a free transfer.

Real Zaragoza have been in talks with Sergio Gil and his agent since May for a contract extension. Gil's agent, José María Minguella, heard of Villarreal's interest, and so, the Yellow Submarine has been negotiating with Minguella for the services of Sergio Gil. Zaragoza's officials claim otherwise.

Real Zaragoza argue that they have a prolonging clause that was reportedly stipulated in Gil expiring contract and asserts that Zaragoza have an agreement to extend his contract for three years. Gil and his agent counterargument that said clause is not valid.

Zaragoza's sports director Narciso Juliá spoke about all the saga and asseverates that given of the negative of Sergio Gil and his agent, the case might as well be taken into the tribunals. "If two of the parts differ from an opinion, there will be a third one, in this case a judge that will be deciding what happens". Juliá argues that Sergio Gil has been called up to Zaragoza's preseason camp on July 14.