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Villarreal news: TV € less than expected, ex-amarilla Capdevila in CL

Couple of interesting news items today.

David Ramos/Getty Images

TV moneys in La Liga: (h/t to Bill Lumbergh): the estimates for 2016/17 are out, and they are not very favorable to Villarreal.  Yes, our take goes up, but less than anyone else's.   Here is the way it breaks down:

The total pot is €1.3m.  50% of that--€650m--is divided equally among all 20 clubs, so Villarreal gets €32.5m of that.  25% is based on "social generation" and we would clearly be below the average there due to our small catchment area compared to some others.  My guess would be if there is a €325m pot, so if we had an 'average' share we had €16m, we probably get €8-10m from this.

The final 25% is based on league finish over the last five seasons.  The problem with this is we finished 18th in 2011-12, were in the Segunda in 2012-13, so really only have three good seasons--6th, 6th, 4th--to count.  At any rate, we end up with a total of €54m, so that's not such a big increase over last year's €45m.

Were we screwed?  A little bit as far as the "social generation" is concerned, I'd think.  You can see the big impact of that number in the increased revenues for Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao, and Betis as well.  A lot of people in Spain have a soft spot for Villarreal, but that doesn't count in the rankings.

But next year we should see an increase in the "league finish" number, because that 18th place drops off and hopefully gets filled with another finish in European places.  That ought to get us a good bump in revenues.  Still, we have gone from 6th in 2014-15, 7th in 2015-16, to 8th in TV revenues in 2016-17.  We just have to continue to play above our means!

And while we are all celebrating Bruno making it to the Euros, there is news of an ex-teammate who will be playing in the Champions League! (Well, the first qualifying round, anyway).  Joan Capdevila, who featured for Villarreal from 2007-2011 and was a starter for the Spanish world cup winners, is now 38 years old.  After leaving Villarreal he moved from Benfica to Espanyol, then found his way to India--briefly--then a second division team in belgium, where he suffered a knee injury.  Now he has signed to play for Santa Coloma FC of Andorra.

Santa Coloma are one of eight minnows who compete in the first qualifying round of the Champions League.  Typically they have fallen at the first hurdle (last year they lost to the Gibraltar champions, Lincoln Red Imps).  Maybe Capdevila will make a difference?