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Disappointment for Villarreal B: what will this mean for next year?

The B team led their Segunda B group for most of the year, won the U-21 Premier League International Cup, but staggered at the end of the season and couldn't buy a goal when they needed one most. So what will this mean for next year's B team and some of the players we already have?

Maria José Segovia

Villarreal B needed a goal to finish first in their division...well, for that matter they needed a goal against an eight-man Reus, and then today against a 10-man Logrones.  Didn't happen, so we spend another year in the Segunda B.

What will that mean for some of these players?  Younger players like Ivan Alejo, Pedraza, Rodri, Leo Suarez should get the chance to feature in preseason with the first team--maybe Edgar Ié, too.  How many of them will end up on the first team roster?   Some of the young players will doubtless play another season in the Segunda B, too.

And there are some of the older players--Carlos Martinez being the main one, maybe Fran Sol as well--who could move on.  Carlos scored 15 times, but at age 29, maybe he moves on to a Segunda team, I don't know.  Fran Sol is younger--24--also scored 15 times.  I believe he, and 25 year-old keeper Aitor, are out of contract this summer.  They probably don't continue unless they get a chance with the first team.

What do you think our B team will look like next year, who will go and who will stay?