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Villarreal's end-of-season dinner

Marcelino wasn't there for family reasons, but everyone else was, I believe. hey, it is not often I can combine Villarreal football with a gastronomic review, but I'll try.

Villarreal has posted a video of the end-of-season dinner, held at El Madrigal.   It was catered by the outstanding  restaurant Elkano, up in the Basque country.  Why that choice?  Because it is owned and managed by former Villarreal defender Aitor Arregui.  His family had owned the restaurant for many years and when his father passed away in 2014, Aitor took charge.  You might remember when Villarreal were promoted Elkano provided the team dinner that year as well.

All I can say is those are the thickest, largest beef portions I have seen in years, and the grilled turbot (those are the fish being prepared on the grill in the clip) are at their peak right now.  A whole one at the restaurant will set you back €115.  I have not been there, but the restaurant has a Michelin star, and is listed here as one of the most underrated restaurants in Europe.

Okay, enough about food.  So at the dinner, the ten "oldest season ticket holders" (in terms of years with a season ticket, not age) received gold pins, so too did Mario Gaspar and Mateo Musacchio for playing over 200 matches with the club, and so did the club personnel and friends (including Sr. Roig's brother), club sponsors, etc.

Before dinner there was a bit of football played on the pitch, too.   Watch and enjoy!