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Champions League qualifying update

Andelecht has copped the Belgian spot on offer in the third qualifying round.

Maria José Segovia

An update: we now know all but one team in the 3rd qualifying round of the CL.   (The as-yet unknown team will come from Greece and could be either PAOK, AEK Athens or Panathinaikos).

So the League Route part of the third qualifying round will look like this:

SEEDED--Shaktar Donetsk, Ajax, Anderlecht, Fenerbahce, Sparta Prague

UNSEEDED--Steaua Bucharest, Monaco, Young Boys, Rostov, Greek representative

The five winners of those matches go into the Play-off round.

If the seeded teams in the 3rd qualifying round all win, the Play-off round would look like:


Manchester City, Porto, Shaktar Donetsk, VILLARREAL, Ajax


Andelecht, Roma, Borussia Munchengladbach, Fenerbahce, Sparta Prague

Within each group, these are listed in coefficient order.  Therefore, should Shaktar and/or Ajax lose their third-round match,  Anderlecht and/or Roma would move up to be seeded teams.  If Shaktar and Ajax both lose, and Anderlecht also loses, then Gladbach would become a seeded team along with Roma.  That's probably not too likely.