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We had a prediction contest at the start of the season. Allen reviews the results (no one did really well!!) and anoints the winners!

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If you want to go back to the original post, it's here.

Here is how I scored this:

Villarreal's point total: 5 pts if you got 64; 3 if you were within two points either way, 2 if you were within 4, 1 if within 6

Villarreal's final placing in La Liga: 5 if you got fourth, 3 if you said fifth, 1 if sixth

La Liga champion: Barcelona (3 points)

Top four in La Liga: one point for each team right (regardless of order)

Next three in La Liga: one point for each team right (regardless of order)

Villarreal's finish in the Europa League: 5 points if you said semis; if you said finals, you got 3 points, 1 for quarters.

Villarreal's leading goalscorer and # of goals: 3 points if you said Bakambu (NO ONE DID), 2 points if you said 12 goals, and 1 point if you said 13-15.

Three teams relegated from the Primera: one point for each correct

Copa del Rey finish: round of 16, 3 points; quarterfinal, 1 point

Villarreal leader in yellow cards: it was a tie between Soldado and Bailly, so you got three points if you got either one.

Most goals of a group of players in all competitions:  it wasn't even close.  Bakambu 22, Soldado 8, Gerard Moreno 7, Vietto 3.  So you got three points if you chose Bakambu.

So the maximum anyone could get was 42 points, and the winning score was 22. What killed everyone?

Not so much Villarreal's performance--everyone had us getting at least to the quarters of the EL, and most had us in the 60-70 point, 4th to 6th range--but what we almost completely missed was the emergence of Cedric Bakambu.  No one had him as their leading scorer for Villarreal in La Liga, and only a couple of people correctly picked him as the leader in scoring among that last group.

Tomas Pina and Jaume Costa disappointed us with their lack of yellow cards, but the real difficulty was in the relegation clubs.  Las Palmas and Eibar were the popular choices, with Sporting and Granada a ways behind.  A few--very few--picked Levante; one (!) picked Getafe; no one chose Rayo.

And so, the winners:

Salomon J   22 points

Keith Malmberg 21 points

I need you to send me your me ( with them please!

Thanks to all you who competed, please double-check to make sure I added up your points correctly.  (Note that a couple of you answered questions #10 and #11 once and then had a different answer at the end, and I felt I had to use the last answer you gave me).