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Denis Suarez, returning to Barcelona

Of course we would love to keep him, but under the terms of his loan agreement, clearly Barcelona would buy him back, and this report says they will do so next week.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

According to Sport, and reported by others since, Denis Suarez will return to Barcelona after his successful season at Villarreal.  The terms of his agreement were that Barca could buy him back for €3.25 million, and that will happen on Tuesday.

The agreement does provide that if Denis is sold in the 2016-17 season, Villarreal would get 50% of the proceeds, and if he is sold the following season, 25%, and Villarreal apparently have the right to make an offer (or match an offer?) if they so choose during that period.

Denis is a superb player, had a great season, a pity to lose him after only a season but we knew it would happen under the terms of his agreement.

As for the other Denis who played on our left wing, Denis Cheryshev, he is out of action for four months following an operation.  He's still property of Real Madrid, of course, though both Villarreal and Valencia have said they want him.

Villarreal is being linked with Bayern Munich's Juan Bernat, apparently on his way out.  More a left back than a winger, but would be a good upgrade.  He moved from Valencia to Bayern for €10m in July 2014 but appears to be on his way out with Guardiola's departure.