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Some usual players missing as Villarreal travel to Valencia

The travelling squad is out, and it's bereft of Eric Bailly, Jona dos Santos, and Tomas Pina.

Maria José Segovia

Villarreal have announced their squad to face Valencia, and it is:

Almost more noteworthy for who is NOT in it.  Eric Bailly is listed as injured (a sore left hamstring) which doesn't sound necessarily serious, but it could be one of those "wait and see how it feels" things.

Jaume Costa, Jonathan dos Santos, Tomas Pina are not in the squad, presumably being rested ahead of Liverpool.  Nahuel, Rodri, and Adrián Marín step in for them; Rukavina and Samu Garcia are also included again.

Looks as though Marce is going to go with Trigueros and Bruno in the pivote; I assume Denis Suarez will start, but won't be surprised to see him yanked with half-an-hour left regardless of the score.  And I expect we'll see all three strikers before the day is out.

And in goal, do you play Asenjo again to keep him sharp, or go with Areola?  I could go either way on that one.

What lineup would you go with in the Mestalla?