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Eibar USA--Villarreal USA meetups?

Eibar has an American supporters group. If there are Villarreal USA folks in the US who would like to get together to watch the match with EibarUSA, respond here.

Getting ready for our next match ourselves.....
Getting ready for our next match ourselves.....
Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

EibarUSA is a penya supporting "the little Basque team that could" and, like us, they have supporters in different places.  We're trying to figure out if there are common locations, so people could get together and watch the match.

Unfortunately for those of us on the west coast the game time is early-- 9:15 AM, so unless you can find a bar that's open for breakfast, that might not work.  But on the East Coast, it's at 12:15.  Perfect.

If you are in the US and would be interested in getting together somewhere to watch the match (especially if you know a place that's good to watch) please respond in the comments section.