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Villarreal U-17's in Dallas, playing in Generation Adidas Cup

Javi Prats is coach of this Juvenil side, who has four points after their first two matches in this competition.

Villarreal CF

The venue is Dallas, the teams playing are San Jose Earthquakes' U-17 side, and Villarreal's Juvenil team.  You can watch the match here starting at 7PM eastern time, 4PM Pacific in the US.  Midnight Spanish time!  And if we have any supporters in the Dallas area, get down to support our youngsters!!

Villarreal Juvenil drew with U de Chile (lost on penalties) and defeated Columbus Crew in the first two matches.  More about the competition here: note that as opposed to England, the Championship Division where we are playing is the #1 one, the Premier Division is the second one.  Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger :)