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Cedric Bakambu unhurt in Brussels airport attack

Brussels is a key airport for flights to Africa; Bakambu and Norwich City's Mbokani were both in the departure lounge but were not, evidently, in the area of the lounge where the bombs were detonated.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

The latest horrible news: 30+ people killed by suicide bombers in Brussels, one attack in a metro station, the other (two bombs, apparently) in the departure lounge of the Brussels airport.

Cedric Bakambu was apparently there (remember, he was called up by DR Congo for their matches against Angola).  Word is he was not injured.  At least one other Congo player (Mbokani, from Norwich City) was there as well.  The Brussels airport has been closed and everyone evacuated; I don't know if Cedric is planning to return to Vila-real and catch a flight from Spain, or what.