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Villarreal host SUNY Buffalo's women's side, play to 1-1 draw

It's spring break time in the USA, and so many colleges and universities send sports teams to different parts of the country--or even abroad--to play. And if you're in Buffalo, New York, getting some Spanish sun is probably great too!!

Villarreal CF twitter

It wasn't just Villarreal's men's team that was in action today, the women were as well.   State University of New York in Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo) has a women's football (soccer) team, and they are visiting Spain and playing some matches.

They arrived in Barcelona and defeated UE Sant Andreu 2-0,and I see from their blog they had dinner at the Taller de Tapas, which I heartily recommend!

The Bulls (yes, that is their nickname) then made a trip to Villarreal and played to a 1-1 draw against Villarreal's women's side.  I assume they will head down to Valencia and experience a bit of Fallas?  I would hope so.

Mucha suerte, Toros, and thank you for visiting Vila-real!!