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Marcos Senna returns to Villarreal

As widely expected, our "eternal captain" has returned to Vila-real, and will work in the club's Institutional Relations Department.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Villarreal have hired a new employee, well known to all of you.  Marcos Senna has joined the team's Institutional Relations Department, and he begins his job with a trip to represent Villarreal, along with Sr. Roig Negueroles, at the European Club Association's General Assembly in Paris.

Senna arrived at the club in 2002, signed from Sao Caetano in Brazil for €600,000.  Money incredibly well spent; he had to overcome a couple of knee injuries early on but became a symbol of Villarreal in the 2004-2010 period; in all he accumulated 357 matches with the club in all competitions, and of course was one of the outstanding players in Spain's Euro 2008 victory.

After leaving Villarreal he played for the New York Cosmos, retiring in November 2015; since he has business interests in the area, and has maintained a close relationship with the Roig family, it was pretty certain he would return the club in some capacity.  Welcome home, captain!