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Madrid twists the knife again: Cheryshev going to Valencia on loan

Perez continues to blame Villarreal for the Copa elimination.

and so he goes, no wearing yellow for him
and so he goes, no wearing yellow for him
Denis Doyle/Getty Images

With apologies to Richard Thompson, Real Madrid twist the knife again.

We wanted Sergio Canales on loan several years back but he ended up going to Valencia instead (where he tore up his knee and his career has never been the same since...though I'd still take him).  Now we have Cheryshev going to Valencia as well.

I suppose there are some good sporting reasons not to send Chery to Villarreal, the primary one being we are only three points behind Madrid, and maybe Florentino is insecure enough with Zidane so far that he isn't sure we wouldn't pass them with Cheryshev on our side.

Also, I suppose there is some truth to the thought that if we got Cheryshev, we might have been willing to let Denis Suarez go to Barcelona, which would have basically meant Madrid would have strengthened its arch-rival.  I doubt that, though.

But really, we all know it's that Florentino still blames Villarreal for their Copa del Rey exit, which made a laughingstock of Madrid's president.   So, even though Chery wanted to return here, even though we tried for him over and over again, he goes to play for Los Che instead.   At least he's not going to Sevilla, which is much closer to us in the standings.

Valencia seem to be making a lot of moves in this window, whether through panic or shrewd dealing who knows.  At any rate, Gary Neville must surely be thinking he'll get a win in la Liga now!