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Prandelli resigns as Valencia manager

And so, it has happened. Less than three weeks after Cesare Prandelli gave a press conference where he laid it on the line, and less than two weeks after going to Singapore to meet owner Peter Lim and president Layhoon Chan, Prandelli has resigned as manager of Los Che.

As Sid Lowe has explained in some detail here, Lim has spent money on Valencia—first to buy the club, second to give business to his friend Peter Mendes through player signings. And a coach, too—several coaches ago.

Lim’s mouthpiece, Layhoon, has distinguished herself mainly by getting in Twitter spats with Valencia supporters and continually walking back on previous promises. First the new stadium was going to be completed relatively quickly. Then it was going to be finished for the club’s 100th anniversary. Now, who knows?

Besides, the main focus now has to be survival. Yes, there are three teams in La Liga worse than Valencia. But as Villarreal found out only too well several years ago, sometimes the pressure on you to escape the relegation zone is counterproductive. You start playing not to lose, and in the end results go against you.

Caretaker coach Voro will coach Valencia on Tuesday against Celta in the Copa del Rey. I doubt the Mestalla will be anywhere near full, and the mood may be angry. Pack a sandwich, and don’t forget the white hankies.