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Marcelino is a finalist for the Inter Milan job

After Guus Hiddink turned it down.

Could Marcelino become the new coach of Internationale Milano?
Could Marcelino become the new coach of Internationale Milano?
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Word is Marcelino Garcia Toral is one of two contenders for the Inter Milan job, the other being ex-Lazio coach Stefano Pioli.  Of the two, Pioli is obviously the better fit for Serie A, as he played as a centerback in Italy for 16 years and has coached in Italy since retiring in 1998.  Pioli also might be an excellent fit given Inter has struggled defensively, and has been backed for the job by former Italian international Alessandro Costacurta.

The vacancy arose because Inter's owners abruptly fired Frank de Boer; they then offered the job to Guus Hiddink, but he turned it down.

Will Marcelino be offered the job?  Maybe, but there are a number of things against him--he's got no experience in Serie A at all, and he doesn't speak Italian.  And, while the overseas owners are supposedly keen to find a coach who has a more international resume than Pioli and is a bigger "name", Marcelino isn't exactly a well-known coach outside Spain.  And, if reports of a difficult relationship between de Boer and the playing staff is true,  Marce is not exactly the guy to repair that.  His attention to detail on the pitch and off can wear pretty thin.

And would Marcelino take the job, if he were offered it? That is another interesting question.  Remember that in 2011-12 he was approached by Sr. Roig at some point when we were struggling in the Primera and offered the job then--he turned it down because, in his words, "I was not convinced by the project at that time".   I don't see this job as being a particularly good fit for Marce; he's not used to answering to absentee owners, and, his brief time at Sevilla apart, he's not coached a club with as large a fanbase, certainly not with such an international footprint.  All of those would give me pause if I were being interviewed, much less the language issue.

My take: Neither candidate is Inter's first, or even second choice --they wanted Hiddink or André Villas-Boas, who took a job in China instead.  My guess is they go for Pioli, it's the more easily defendable option of the two.   But we'll see.  Both are in Milan now and are being interviewed.