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No Cheryshev or Musacchio in travelling squad for Turkey

Bojan Jokic also on the injury list.

Roberto Soriano celebrating versus Celta
Maria Jose Segovia

Villarreal have announced the travelling group for the trip to Turkey. As usual, there are three goalkeepers so in case one is injured in the warmup or something we still have two. The team is:

  • Keepers: Andrés Fernández, Barbosa and Joan Femenías (number 31).
  • Defenders: Rukavina, José Ángel, Bonera, Víctor Ruiz, Jaume Costa and Álvaro.
  • Midfielders: N’Diaye, Bruno, Castillejo, Jonathan dos Santos, Soriano and Rodrigo.

Strikers: Pato, Santos Borré, Bakambu and Sansone.

Not making the trip just because (coach decided to rest them): Asenjo, Mario Gaspar, Manu Trigueros.

Denis Cheryshev misses out because he picked up a hamstring twang in his right leg last week; Mateo Musacchio has tonsillitis (I thought you got that as a kid and got to eat lots of ice cream—what’s up with that?), and Bojan Jokic returned from international duty with a broken small toe on his left foot. Chery and Jokic probably would have gotten some playing time in this one had they been healthy.

It will be interesting to see which of Rodri or N’Diaye get to start in midfield; I would expect Jose Angel, Bonera, Alvaro and Rukavina to be the back line, Pato and Santos Borré up front, I guess Soriano, Bruno, N’Diaye and Castillejo in the middle. Thoughts?