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No news news, where Cheryshev and Denis Suarez are concerned

Sr. Roig confirms what everyone knew.

We at least have this Denis.
We at least have this Denis.
Maria José Segovia

Sr. Roig has given an interview in which he confirmed the obvious: yes, Villarreal wanted to sign Denis Cheryshev in this window, but no, Real Madrid hasn't been willing to come to an agreement.  And as far as Denis Suarez is concerned, pretty much the same thing: Villarreal took over the agreement between Sevilla and Barca, and as part of that agreement, Barca do have a right to purchase Suarez's services in the summer.  But they don't have the ability to do so now in that contract, and if they did approach Villarreal, they have been turned away.

The transfer window still has a weekend to run, but anyone looking for a Jeremy Perbet-type addition in this window is likely to be disappointed.  Unless Madrid magically decides to let Chery walk, we'll go forward with what we've got.