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Huracán Valencia is tossed out of Segunda B

The RFEF expelled Huracán from our Segunda B group for failing to pay referees for their matches, and the club has ceased to exist. Players are free to sign elsewhere.

Huracán Valencia, a club which was formed in 2011 and purchased its right to play in the Segunda B that season, has been wound up after failing--for the fourth time this season--to pay the referees for a match.  The total owed to the refs is only 7000 euros, but the club has been in trouble for months, with players having to sell tickets themselves, wash their own clothes and pay the water bill, and ask for donations of signed shirts from Primera clubs (including Villarreal) to raffle off for funds to pay the refs before now.

The initial ownership of Huracan was always unclear; at one time it was rumored Stoke City's owner Peter Coates was involved, but this is doubtful.  What is known is that after three years, the club moved from Manises (near the Valencia airport) to Torrent, south of the airport, where they played in a small ground with artificial turf.  They made the promotion playoffs last year, too, but fell in the promotion final to Huesca.

Evidently whoever was bankrolling the club was discouraged by that failure, and the main investor, president and coach all departed early this season.

The players are all free to find other clubs: this includes David Cubillas, who played with our B team as a striker last year and scored six goals.  US soccer fans may know there was an American on their roster, Shaquell Moore, a young 19 year-old defender, who may attract some interest.

Doubtful Villarreal will be interested in picking up Huracán's coach, though: in October they hired Raúl Garrido, yep, the one that used to get tossed out of matches all the time as one of the Bros. Garrido.  To be fair, he did a good job with the team, 3-4-2, 13 points from 9 matches to move them up to mid-table.

Their last match will therefore have been their 3-2 home win vs. Badalona on December 19, with David Cubillas bagging two goals.  The decision of the RFEF to exclude Huracán from the competition is not being appealed since it's unclear who would have the authority to appeal since the club ownership is so unclear and anyhow no one has any money to pay the fine.  Best to put the patient out of its misery.

Since the competition was virtually at the halfway mark, I don't know if their results still stand, or will be expunged from the record.  What is clear is Sabadell have a day off this Saturday since they were supposed to host Huracán.

So long, Huracán Valencia.