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PODCAST: Allen, Sid and Ravi discuss Villarreal's success so far!

The only good thing about the early kickoff time is it got Sid, Allen and Ravi all up and able to chat at the same time. We review the season so far, look ahead to the second half, and there are even a few fairly bold predictions thrown in (especially from Ravi!)

Maria José Segovia

Yes, folks, it has been months, but Villarreal USA hits the airwaves again with a podcast!  We had thought about titling it "Oh, My God! A Villarreal USA podcast!" but decided for the much longer and more precise "Villarreal's season so far and predictions for what lies ahead".

Topics include the following:

(1) A review of the season: how are we winning?  how has our style changed?  do we care?

(2) who has been our most valuable player so far?  The three of us have three different answers.

(3) Predictions: league, Copa del Rey, Europa League.  Not just where we finish, but how we prioritize.

(4) Any ins-and-outs in the winter market, or players we might want in the summer?  Can you say, "Cheryshev"?

It was really great to do one of these, and a special treat to chat with Ravi who is busy with his Seattle Sounders job enough that he isn't an active contributor to Villarreal USA these days.  And for any of you who have listened to these, back when we used to do them more often, rejoice that Sidarth is in the moderator's chair so there are no train wrecks....

Endavant Villarreal!