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Villarreal news, Sept 8: three named to Spain U-17 squad, Bruno suspension remains

Some brief news snippets involving Villarreal. More honors for our young cantera stars, and a rumor we will be switching shirt manufacturers next year.

Maybe the last season for the Xtep slashy symbol in Vila-real.
Maybe the last season for the Xtep slashy symbol in Vila-real.
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Honors for three young players. Congratulations to Edu Adell (Juvenil A), Iván Martín (CD Roda Juvenil A), and Manu Morlanes, who at age 16 is now playing for Villarreal C.  These three have been included in the callup for a three-day mini-camp next week near Madrid for the Spanish U-17 side.  Enhorabuena, chavales!

Confirmation that Bruno Soriano's suspension remains at two matches, so he misses the Granada one coming up.  I'd go with Trigueros and Jona in the pivote myself, then....

Villarreal is offering an opportunity to travel to Vienna to support the team--you fly from Castellón Airport on the Wednesday, stay at a four-star hotel and have Wednesday afternoon/evening and most of Thursday free to sightsee or whatever, before the match.  The party will return immediately afterward, so you get to fly into the magnificent Castellón airport at night!

I believe we will also have some supporters from Slovakia (Penya El Madrigal) at the match, and we had at least one person ask us about buying tickets to sit with the away supporters apart from that, so hopefully there will be some Submarine supporters in the stands apart from this planeful.

Villarreal may change shirt manufacturers next season. This is the last year of Xtep's contract with Villarreal.  It was signed in 2011 at a time when the Submarine brass was interested in exploring the Chinese market--we played friendlies in Hong Kong and China after the season ended, we had the "Wanda Project", etc.

But we learned earlier this year Villarreal was not going to continue with the Wanda Project, and last year our post-season trip took in Australia, not China.  So it's not surprising to learn Villarreal is interested in changing manufacturers, and the rumor is it will be the Spanish company Joma who will provide our kit next season.  The Toledo company currently supply Espanyol and Getafe, I believe, and also Honduras--not sure who else.  I would be fine with a change, personally, though to be fair it is hard to change much to our home kit, especially, regardless of who makes it.