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Any graphic artists or T-shirt designers among you Villarreal fans? A CONTEST!

Hey guys. We would like to come up with a new design we could use on T-shirts. Maybe have our existing logo on the back, but something new on the front, maybe relating to Soldado,the "Yellow Submarine" in general, or .....

Do we have any Villarreal fans reading this blog who are also good artists, graphic designers, experienced in designing T-shirts, or want to try your hand at designing one?

The question came up recently:  could we produce some of the Villarreal USA t-shirts with names and numbers on the back? (for those of you who don't have one, they were yellow and had the blog's logo on the front).  It turns out we can't put player names and numbers on the back--also, since these things are printed digitally, big numbers are expensive to print anyway.   And since the printer is in the US, and so many of you are not, it could get expensive to print an individual's name on the back of a generic shirt (though we could).

So that got us thinking--what about a new design we could use on the shirts?  It *could* be something relating to Soldado joining Villarreal--there were some good "Bobby Soldier" graphics tweeted when he was signed.  "El Madrigal, Field of Dreams" maybe?  Keep Calm and Pass to Bruno?  Could be anything, really--whatever appeals to you.  Only thing to remember is it does have to go on a T-shirt and does have to be Villarreal-related (naturally).

We could use our logo--maybe on the front, maybe on the back--maybe big, maybe small--doesn't matter really.

So, we're throwing this open to everyone.  Whoever comes up with the winning design (which will be chosen by the site's writers, in conjunction with the folks at the T-shirt place who can tell us what will reproduce best) will receive their own shirt with their winning design.   In addition, we will try to arrange for some sort of gift certificate at the team shop (this might take some doing given the different currencies and whatnot, but hopefully we can work it out given that we will have members visiting El Madrigal).

What I would like to do is encourage anyone with ideas or thoughts about what would make a good tshirt design for us, to post them in the comments section;  it could be we will end up with more than one design, and more than one winner.  If you develop a design you want to send us, you may be able to post it in the comments section, but if not, send it to me at and I will make sure it gets looked at appropriately.

Have at it!!!!  I am not going to create a deadline at this point, let's just see how many ideas we get quickly and how feasible they are.  Endavant!!!